Cleaning Company in Southern of Thailand

The 15 years old Cleaning company in Southern of Thailand is now on offering. With more than 300 staff, the company well established in the local market of Southern of Thailand, one of the fastest growing area in Thailand.


Cleaning Business

Cleaning Business up for Sales. The company has been operating more than 20 years with good financial performances.  More than 1,000 staffs are now working on contract basis all over the town.


Painting Garage

Painting Garage business for sales.  Not much of opportunity like this would come around.  The owner is too old.  The next generation are all ladies.  The business is located in the strategic location in the city of Bangkok. Beside of the long proven track records, the garage also signed contracts […]


Spa school, consultancy and 200+ original products

The package includes three different areas of business: 1. Consultancy services covering design, Spa school, and spa management consultant; 2. Management of a leading spa in town; 3. Trading of 200+ privately owned original items with patents. Owner will provide six months handover and support.


Potential and Well operated Insurance Company

Highly potential and well operated Insurance Company. The company featured with services covering: Fire Insurance; Automobile Insurance; Automobile (Compulsory) Insurance; Marine & Transportation Insurance; Miscellaneous Insurance. This company has high potential to be listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand by the end of this year. Forty nine to Fifty […]

Steel Plate Mills Manufacturer

With capacity up to 350,000 Tons per year. Forty nine percents acquisition is possible upon proper terms and conditions. Total areas more than 15 hectares. This deal will not last long. Please contact directly the Master Agent.


Medium size Garage

The garage is located in the city of Bangkok. The business has been profitably operating more than 30 years. Major groups of long-time customers: – Leading insurance companies; – Car leasing companies; – Car rent companies; – and more. Special features: – Reporting system by the EMCS online billing system. […]