Quick Business Valuation

Complete a quick valuation for your business using the below Business Valuation Calculator. Our quick business valuation makes use of the average of three valuation methods including: Extra Earning Potential (EEP), Return on Investment (ROI) and Payback Period.

Depending on your business, a more Comprehensive Valuation may be required, taking into account additional considerations such as past, present and predictable future cash flows and other factors relevant to your business.

Comprehensive Business Valuation

As professional business brokers we aim to provide our clients with the most accurate market related valuations of their businesses. We offer comprehensive Business Valuations for all types of business entities of any size (Companies Listed or Non-Listed, Partnerships, Business Trusts, Sole Proprietors and Close Corporations). A comprehensive business valuation includes:

  • Valuation report summary
  • Essential metrics and graphs
  • Business and financial information
  • Business specific risk analysis
  • Assumptions and calculations
  • Capitalization rate linked to economic growth rate
  • Audit trail evidence
  • Automatic updates of key indicators
  • Interest rates, GDP rates, risk free rates and expected risk premium
  • Pre-valuation research consultation
  • Post-valuation report presentation