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About SEA BB

About SEA Business Broker

Within Asian countries, everyone is aware of the hottest regional event, that of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community).  AEC will bring endless cross-border business potential, not only within the region but also from other parts of the world. Since Thailand has a very strong strategic location.  The country is geographically located right in the middle of the AEC region.

SEA Business Broker is a leading Business Brokers and Intermediaries located in Bangkok. We are an active member of International Business Brokers Association.

Our services are covering a complete solution Business Broker, and Intermediary services based on international standard practices.

  • Valuing the Business

  • Preparing to Sell

  • Packaging the Business

  • Marketing the Business

  • Qualifying the Buying Prospects

  • Showing and Negotiating

  • Preparing the Purchasing Agreement

  • Conducting Due Diligence

  • Assisting in Financing

  • Closing the Transaction

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