SEA Business Broker a professional turnkey business brokering solution. We assist sellers with a comprehensive service, from determining an accurate valuation of their business, to qualifying potential buyers, facilitating due diligence and drafting sales agreements.

The first step is to complete a mandate, which we use as an agreement to provide us with permission to assist you with the sale of your business. The mandate is also used to capture all the necessary information about the business, in terms of its history and background, income and expense, balance sheet and staff compliment etc.

Your broker will assist you at completing a business valuation based on the financials and supporting information provided. We then prepare a buyers prospectus which is a marketing document that we share with potential buyers. Your business will be listed on our website, featured on the home page opportunities banner and included in our monthly buyer’s newsletter.

Your business will also be advertised through online marketing platforms, social media pages and groups, while we investigate potential leads through our network and buyer’s database. Once we receive inquiries, we begin qualifying buyers to better understand their affordability and suitability to purchase the business.

After receiving feedback from qualified buyers, we schedule initial introductory meetings and based on the outcome of these buyer meetings; we finalize the next steps in terms of due diligence, buyers deposit and agreement of sale.

Get started by completing the below enquiry form and one of our brokers will be in contact to assist you further.